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With a Group Show, up to six users can join the performer in a private room. Each user in the Group Show can interact with the model and is charged per minute.

Creating a group show

Go to the streaming window of a public show and click the Group button. The button has two numbers. The second number tells you the number of viewers needed to open a group show with this model. The number of required viewers will be between two and six.

Go to the box in the side panel and read the information about cost per minute, minimum time, and minimum number of viewers. The box also tells you if other viewers can spy on the show.

All of these conditions are set by the model and not by

To request a group show, click the Join button. The request is sent to the model. displays a message to let you know the model is reviewing the request and waiting for the required number of viewers to join the group.

Inside the group show room, you'll see three changes in the top right corner of the screen:

  1. The page displays the Group tag. This means your group show is live.

  2. takes the minimum payment from the token balance.

  3. The End Show button. Click this button to leave the private show and stop the clock on your payment owed.

That's it.

Now you know how to join a Group Show.

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