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How do I tip a performer?
How do I tip a performer?

Send a gift or some tokens

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There two ways to express your appreciation: send a gift or send a tip.

Sending a gift

Choose one of the virtual gifts at the bottom of the streamer’s window. There are gifts for almost every situation, such as an eggplant, lingerie, and hearts. and more. Use the left-right arrows to see the full list of gift icons. Choose the one that best suits your giving mood.

Click an icon to see the number of tokens that you need to spend from your account. When you find the right gift, click the Send Gift button.

Sending a tip

To send tokens from your account instead of buying a gift, click the orange icon. Go to the tip field and enter the amount you want to send the performer. Click Send Tip.

After sending a gift or tip, your gesture of your appreciation displays in the chat window.

That's it.

Now you know how to send a gift or tip to a performer.

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