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The Referral Program is a tool to attract new users and performers to the platform, as well as reward those actively promoting to its network.

There are two ways to earn money through the CTV Referral System:

  • Model to Model

  • Model to Viewers

Model Referral

Registered models on are able to refer other models for a reward of $100. In order to receive the reward, the referred model must either:

  • Stream at least 30 hours within 90 days or

  • Earn 2000 Cherry Bucks (~$100) in tips within 90 days.

If the referred model meets at least one of the criteria, the payment of $100 will be unlocked and added to your next payout.

Model to Viewer Referral

Registered models on can earn up to 15% of what their referred viewers spend on the entire platform - not only their shows. The payout-share is tied to the model’s level on CTV. The higher level a model is, the higher the earnings from referred viewers.

Level 1 to 20: 10%

Level 21 to 40: 12.5%

Level 41 and above: 15%

In order to be eligible to receive a share of the referred viewer spending, the viewer must:

  • Be a new and verified user on

  • Make the first purchase within 90 days

The earnings accumulated from the referrals are added to the model account within 30 days after the purchase date and are combined with other earnings on the platform during payouts.

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