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I'm a Model
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Mobile Stream - Lovense User GuideMobile Stream - Lovense Troubleshooting and User Guide
Mobile Streaming Guide (beta)How to use mobile streaming
How do I stream from my mobile phone?
Lovense Extension Installation Guide – ChromeLearn how to down the Zip file and install the extension
How do I stream from my browser (Web streaming) using OBS Virtual Camera?
What is platform to work and earn
Lovense Cam Extension Installation Guide
How do I join an application
Do I need experience as a webcam performer to become a model?No experience required!
Is there a fee or cost to sign up?Models join for free!
I'm a performer on another platform. Can I join, of course!
How do I gain followers?Get busy on social media
Which documents do I need for age verification?A government ID
Why was my age verification denied?There could be many reasons
How long does age verification take?Usually, less than two days
How do I live stream on
How do I pause a stream?
How do I end a stream?Stop your live stream when you want to.
Can I invite a performer to my stream?Only registered and verified models can stream on
How can I improve my FPS?
How do I make a user my room moderator?Look for users with the VIP icon
Can I ban or silence annoying users?Yes, you can!
What is Tipping?It's just one way to make money
What are Virtual Gifts?A fun way to earn rewards and make money
What is a Tip Menu?
Which apps and bots are available?Lovense and Tip Menu
What is a Public Show?It's our most popular entertainment option
What is a Private Show?A chance to earn
What is a Group Show?A small, intimate party
What is a Spy Show?Another chance to build your fan base
How much money can I make on all depends on you
How do I refer new users to
How do I refer new models to
How can I maximize my earnings on big
What are Cherry Bucks?It's our digital money
How will I know how much money I’m earning?Go to My Dashboard
What is the revenue share on share depends on two factors
How much should I charge for my shows?That depends on you
How do I set the prices for my shows?Check the icons on the steaming window
How do I get paid on to the Payouts dashboard
What is the minimum payout and frequency?At least $50 and weekly payouts
When will I receive my payment?Check the dashboard
I haven’t received my paymentSend us an email
Can I change my payment information?Yes, you can
What toys am I allowed to use on my live streams?Anything you like, but ...
How do I set up my Lovense toy?Follow these instructions
What is My Dashboard?A very important page
How do I access My Dashboard?Click the account icon
What is the level system?It's a ways to reward top performers
How do I level up?Stream more and earn more
Which perks unlock when I level up?
What are the rules on
How is protecting my privacy and security?We help you with legal advice and blocking tools
What is DMCA?It's a US copyright law
My content is being used in another site. How do I get it taken down?Get in touch with our legal team
How do I block a country or region from seeing my shows?Go to your model dashboard
I forgot my passwordYou can reset your password
I can't log in to my accountContact us if there is a problem
Can I change my Username or Display Name?The display name can be changed
Why was my account banned?You broke the rules
How do I stream using OBS?Follow this step-by-step guide to configure your OBS software to stream to
What is XP?It means experience points
What are the different level types?They measure activity and engagement
Referral Program for Models
How are my earnings connected to the Level System?Higher levels mean higher payout rates
Lovense Interactive Toys on Cherry.tvDrive your fans wild
Why is my country not listed in the signup process?We can't do business there
Daily Rewards for ModelsA new way for users to interact with your stream
Delete My Model AccountSend us a message with a request
What is a Tip Goal?An interesting objective
Manage General SettingsControl your live stream
Manage Audio SettingsControl sound levels
Manage Stream CategoriesImprove search results with tags
Manage Geo LocationRestrict streaming access by area
Manage Chat AppearanceChange the design
As a model, how do I setup Exclusive Private Shows?Hurray~Exclusive Private Shows are now available on!
How does the Action Roulette benefit my followers?The Action Roulette allows you to engage closer with your followers on
What are the US Dollar values of the Daily Reward Items I receive from my fans?A way for your viewers to be rewarded and in turn, to reward you
How do Seasons benefit my followers?
Change the MessagesAdd a personal touch
What are Model Tip Goals
Upload a Model ImageImprove your branding
Set Up and Manage Action GiftsEngage your audience and make money
Increase the Price of a CamShareUpdate settings for tokens and time
Increase the Price of a Private ShowUpdate settings for tokens and time
Season 02 (Sakura's Spell) ~ Model Guide
Increase the Price of a Group ShowUpdate settings for tokens and time
How do I upload photographs?
An Overview of for ModelsA short overview of what can be found while working on
Feedback to usIf you have any ideas or issues, contact us.
Community Guidelines
How to remove myself from a Studio account.