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What are Virtual Gifts?
What are Virtual Gifts?

A fun way to earn rewards and make money

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Virtual gifts are a way for your viewers to reward your camming efforts during a live stream. There are two kinds of virtual gifts: static and animated. The price of each varies, so fans can send you a digital present at various price points.

We frequently roll out special virtual gifts for seasonal promotions or contests too, so feel free to incorporate them creatively into your streams. All virtual gifts are automatically converted into Cherry bucks and added to your earnings. You can enable/disable virtual gifts at any time in your model profile settings.

Only VIP users can send animated gifts, so definitely encourage your viewers to become Club Cherry members.

More fun than a tipping chart

We created the virtual gifts to give models and fans a fun alternative to the typical Tipping Chart that you see on most cam platforms. We still have those too, of course, but incorporating virtual gifts can be a great way to just break the ice and make your interactions more personable (and not necessarily all about the sexy stuff even if that happens...)

Action gifts

Action gifts are another way to earn. Basically, you create a list of actions that you're willing to perform on screen and set a price on the Tip Menu. You choose the actions and you set the price. Click to learn more about the Tip Menu.

That's it.

Now you know about virtual and action gifts.

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