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Lovense Extension Installation Guide – Chrome
Lovense Extension Installation Guide – Chrome

Learn how to down the Zip file and install the extension

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Are you still using an old version of Lovense Cam Extension (Version 31.0.0 or lower)?Starting January 17th, 2024 - Version 31.0.0 or lower will no longer work with your Lovense device. Learn why.

Please update to the newest version now!

Until January 17th, 2024, you can continue using Version 31.0.0 or lower by following the below instructions.

Downloading the files

  1. Click Here to download the Lovense Chrome extension .zip file.

  2. Go to the Downloads folder and locate the .zip file.

  3. Right-click the .zip file and click Extract files... .

In the next window, check the Destination path. This is where the .zip file will place all the files. You can change this location if you want. Be sure to remember the file location because you will need to go there in the next step. Click OK to unzip the file.

A new folder appears. This folder has the files you need to use the cam extension.

Connecting with Chrome

Open a Chrome browser tab.

  1. Click the three-dot icon in the top right corner of the page.

  2. Click Extensions.

  3. Click Manage Extensions.

On the Extensions page, switch on the Developer mode toggle and then click on the Load unpacked button.

Open the folder on your computer that has the lovense_cam folder. Select the folder and then click the Select Folder button to upload the folder and its files.

The Chrome Extension page shows the Lovense extension. After installation, we suggest that you switch off the Developer mode toggle.

Pinning the extension

It's easy to find the Lovense extension if you pin it to Chrome.

  1. Click the Chrome Extensions icon.

  2. Locate the Lovense Extension and click the pin icon.

Click the icon and then log into your Lovense account.

Setting up the account

After logging in, a new window displays. Click the Settings icon.

The Lovense Cam Extension page displays. Go to the side menu and click the plus (+) icon next to Cam Site.

In the popup window:

  1. Click the Cam Site Name field and select CherryTV.

  2. Make sure the Use Lovense recommended settings option is selected.

  3. Click Done.

Review the settings (for rules, feedback, etc.) and make changes if required or click Save to use the Default Settings.

That's it.

Now you know how to install the old Lovense extension.

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