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What is a Tip Goal?
What is a Tip Goal?

An interesting objective

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We all need a goal in life and our models are no different.

A Tip Goal is a different kind of user experience. You promise to perform a specific activity during the livestream when your token tip target has been reached.

Finding the goals

Tip Goals are optional, so not every model has one. You can quickly check that by looking at the bottom live streaming window.

Opening the tip goal panel

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. Click the Broadcast link in the top left corner of the page. model tip goals

Scroll down the side panel and go to the BROADCAST APPS heading. Click the Tip Goal link.

model tip goals

Editing an existing goal

To update an existing goal:

  1. Locate the goal in the panel.

  2. Switch off the toggle (it will turn red).

  3. Change the target number in the Token Amount field.

  4. Go to the Set description field and change the name of the goal. Viewers can see this name on your streaming page.

  5. Switch on the toggle.

In most cases, you should not click the Reset Goal button. This button clears the field and deletes any tokens you have collected so far with this goal.

Adding a goal

To create a new tip goal, click the Add New Goal button. Then, scroll down the page to the blank goal. Enter a description and token target. Switch on the toggle.

You can have up to three goals on your dashboard.

add a tip  goal

Deleting a goal

To remove a tip goal from your dashboard, click the Delete Goal button and then click Delete again in the popup window.

What the viewer sees

If the viewer clicks the tip goal under the streaming window, a new window opens on the right side of the page. The window shows your tip goals and progress. Goals with a checkmark have been completed.

A flag icon appears beside the active goal. Viewers click the flag to open a popup window and send a tip.

When the tip goal is completed, there will be a notification like this for the users:

Users and models will see the notification and then it's up to the model to perform the action for which the goal was set.

That's it.

Now, you know how to create and update tip goals.

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