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As a model, how do I setup Exclusive Private Shows?
As a model, how do I setup Exclusive Private Shows?

Hurray~Exclusive Private Shows are now available on!

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As a model, begin your broadcast as usual by clicking on the Start Show button as shown:

Now let's go through the settings required to set up a successful Exclusive Private Show. First, click on the masked icon to open up the options dialog:

Now the options dialog appears. The main settings to take note of are:

#1 Enabling Exclusive Private Show – make sure this is turned on! Exclusive Private Shows cannot initiate if this setting is turned off

#2 Minimum Minutes and Tokens Per Minute

Minimum Minutes sets the minimum amount of time a user can request to hold an Exclusive Private Show for. The default is set to 10.

Tokens Per minute decides how many Tokens a user will have to spend for each minute in an Exclusive Private Show with you. The default is set to 30.

Together, these settings also determine the minimum Token balance a user needs to have to begin an Exclusive Private Show to begin with. So, with default settings of 10 minutes at 30 Tokens per minute, a user would need to have a minimum Token balance of 300 Tokens in order to make use of Exclusive Private Show to begin with.

💡Remind your users to have this minimum balance on their account in case they mention not being able to begin an Exclusive Private Show

With setup complete, wait for visitors to enter your room:

After some time, visitors will begin to request Exclusive Private Shows:

You have two minutes (120 seconds) to decide whether or not to Start or Reject this request.

After clicking on Reject Request, the request will be dismissed. However, the user will be able to send new requests unless blocked from your room

After clicking on Start Private – the show begins!

In case you have accidentally closed the request screen, you can bring it up again within the two minute limit by clicking on the mask icon:

That's it! Enjoy this new feature made especially for our models!

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