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What is the Action Roulette?
What is the Action Roulette?

On 14th November 2023 we launched a new feature: Action Roulette!

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First, you will need to enter a model's stream room. Once you are in a model's room, you will notice a new roulette icon:

Click on the roulette wheel, and a sidebar menu will open up:

This sidebar menu will contain, at any given point, 8 out of 39 possible Action Gifts that can be won. Among others, these would be choices such as:

  • Say I Love You

  • Flash Boobs

  • Flash Pussy

  • Butt Plug

  • Full Nude

  • Blow Kiss

  • Show Ass

  • Dance

  • Show Bra

And way more!

Each Action Gift is randomly selected and is based on weight and rarity. The exact distribution is as follows:

Action Gift Rarity

Drop Rate (%)









Now, click on "Spin now" to give the roulette wheel a good twist!

💡Note: models are free to set the price per spin by themselves. By default, it is 25 but this can be changed by a model

After several seconds, the wheel will randomly land on one of the eight possible action gifts the model has selected to be available for the Action Roulette:

That's it! Now go and enjoy, and play safe ;)

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