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How does the Action Roulette benefit my followers?
How does the Action Roulette benefit my followers?

The Action Roulette allows you to engage closer with your followers on

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Users are able to use the Action Roulette to win one out of eight (8) possible Action Gifts. These action gifts have rarities, which are determined as follows:

Action Gift Rarity

Drop Rate (%)









But before we look into which Action Gifts to choose, let's first go through the basic setup where we look at each setting together. First, open your broadcast page and click here:

An options menu will open up:

Briefly, the options are as follows:

  1. Turn this feature ON or OFF

  2. The default price per spin of the roulette wheel

  3. Which one of eight (8) Action Gifts should become part of the Action Roulette prize pool? 😍

  4. A short description for your viewers/followers

Changes are automatically saved, so you will be able to get right back to streaming while the user is now able to interact with you through this feature

💡Note: pay attention to requests for Action Gifts, send by users after winning one through the Action Roulette. Users will appreciate if you are available to perform

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