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Cypress Dragon's Serenade Season Pass
Cypress Dragon's Serenade Season Pass

The newly-available Season Pass

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We’re excited to introduce a new feature to our season system: the “Season Pass”. This update offers viewers the chance to collect exclusive items by earning Season Points.

How to purchase the Season Pass

To purchase this pass, login and then enter the Season Journey from the front page of our site, using any of the image links shown here and below:

(Close-ups of the images)

To obtain the Season Pass, click where you see the link, as shown below:

That will take you to this purchase page:

Choose the payment type and fill in your payment details.

When you purchase, this will add the Season Pass to your page, showing you've purchased it and replacing where you first pressed the link to the purchase page. You may only purchase the Season Pass once.

How to Earn Season Points

  • Daily Reward: Viewers can earn 100 Season points every day.

  • Season Achievement: Viewers can send 10 tokens to any model each day and collect 100 Season points. This achievement resets daily.


Users can claim items once they’ve met the reward requirements. While some items are free, others are gated behind a Season Pass. Items exclusive to the Season Pass are identified by a “ticket” icon in the upper right corner.

Rewards included: inventory gifts, tokens, and customization items. The reward track maxed out at level 28.

Note: Each item can only be claimed once.

New Customization Items

We’ve also introduced new items such as: avatar, badge, and chat skin. These items are managed under the user’s profile settings under “Customization”.

Season Pass

The Cypress Dragon season pass is now available in the shop under “Season Pass”. Viewers can purchase this item once for $49.99. The season pass will remain active until the conclusion of the Cypress Dragon event.

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