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An Overview of for Models
An Overview of for Models

A short overview of what can be found while working on

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A Basic Overview for Models

This is a simple collection of information about what you can see and do on


Are you ready to be part of a fast-growing adult entertainment platform, being your own boss and working to your own times, with your own performance criteria, making much money for yourself?

Who are we? is a LIVE sex & entertainment community for legal adults 18+. is the ultimate destination for nude cam shows and free chat. We show the hottest amateur models and professional porn stars streaming live from all over the world.

Are there rules to follow?

Our terms of service and frequently asked questions have articles on all the rules that we have, making a safe, secure, legal and fun platform for all.

How do I register as a model with

You cannot immediately register as a model. When you first enter the site, you must register as a user. From that account, you can then register as a model. If you want to work with a studio, the studio will then add your details as a model.

What are tokens?

Instead of using money directly, users purchase tokens which are then given to models as tips to perform actions, or to enter private or group shows, spy shows and cam-to-cam. This is our form of virtual currency, which makes purchasing safe.

What are the different types of shows I can broadcast on

The basic show is the first one users see when entering a model broadcast. This is accessible to all and there's chat and actions to be paid for with tokens. You can do what feels OK for you to do on these shows.

Other shows can be paid for, such as the following:

  • Private - One-to-one show that will be be just the user and model. These can be spied on by other users, but they can't interact, just watch and listen to the model.

  • Exclusive Private - Again, this is a one-to-one show but no spying users are there, just you and the user.

  • Group Show - Models can have a group show, with a minimum number of users and no others can join without paying.

  • CamShare - This is a feature that can be accessed during a regular broadcast. The user will seen on cam by models but not other users.

On which devices can I broadcast to is a website, so can be accessed on any smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC which has an Internet connection.

Models are advised to use computers rather than smartphones as this give a better image quality and are easier to manage, if additional microphones or cameras are added.

Who are the Champions?

These are the users who have given the most tokens to the you. There's a maximum of 10 users showing your most loyal viewers.

What is Club Cherry?

This is the VIP membership scheme, which can be purchased monthly.

VIP members get some exclusive offers and access to models, not available without it.

Their gifts to you will give you more XP than the same given by non-VIPs, so keep an eye out for those users.

Are there different model levels?

Yes, there are. The more you broadcast and the more tips and virtual gifts given, the higher you will go, as XP (experience points) are given, taking you to higher levels.

What do I need to do before broadcasting?

Set up the action menu for those actions you are happy to perform and set costs for them each. Also set up the Action Roulette, which is a feature we brought in to increase model revenue. You can also set up costs for all the different shows you have available.

How do I start my first broadcast?

Make sure you have everything set up and then, from your own model account, click on the broadcast link and start broadcasting.

Are there rankings for models?

Yes, there are a few ways models can be ranked and these can earn prizes for the best.

There is the daily ranking, set for every 4 hours to earn small cash prizes.

We do have events lasting a few days or weeks and seasons lasting 3 months each, which give large cash prizes to the top 24 models with the most tokens received.

All models are automatically entered into these competitions so keep an eye out for them.

How do I earn from broadcasting on

You will be able to earn from the first day of your broadcasts with, but if not, be patient and work on what works best for you.

Users will give tokens to get you do do actions from your action menu, or to activate the Lovense sex toy, should you have it. Users will also pay for private shows with you.

As users get daily gifts for logging in, they can be given to you as thank yous and these do have a dollar value, so that's another way for you to earn from your broadcasts.

If you do really well, you could be in line to win prizes in our daily ranking events and also the other longer events and seasonal events.

How can I increase my viewer traffic?

We have many article on our FAQs to help with that, but the basics are setting good prices for your actions and shows, making your shows watchable, keeping chats going with users and following their requests, if correct. You can also use your own social media to advertise when you are going to broadcast and also send a link to invite your followers.

The more followers you encourage to watch you on, the more revenue you will get.

What happens if I forget any of my login details?

If it's just forgetting your password, you can solve this by using the "forgot password" link. If there's any other issue with logging in, contact Customer Support through the chat screen. They will help quickly.

Can I change my username?

No. The username is something that must remain the same to allow us to help with your accounts and keeps your account secure.

What can I do if I have an issue with show or any users?

If there are any issues with your broadcast, check all your equipment and the settings. They may need correcting. If not anything there, contact customer support.

You can block any user you want or silence them for a few hours, if you feel they are harassing you.

If you are see anything you think is wrong in the chat messages, or are asked to do something illegal, always report it.

Which withdrawal methods are available to models?

You can use Paxum, PayPal, Paysafe, GiroPay, Sofort or Crypto, depending on which is available to you in your country.

What happens if there is any issue with payments?

Please contact customer support for help and information.

Is my personal information safe?

We have a secure website, using the HTTPS tag on our webpages.

All your own data held by us is kept secure under data protection protocols worldwide.

Is my anonymity kept safe on

We never reveal any personal information to any user or model on our site, nor to any other person outside this. Customer support will always contact you using your own username.

Your username will keep you anonymous, so don't give out your real name to any user, unless you are happy to do so. You can post that in your profile too, as a number of other models already do. No other personal information, such as phone number, emails or addresses, can be given either, or you may be banned from the site.

I want to close my account, how do I do that?

We'd be very sorry to lose you, but you can contact Customer Support to help you with that.

Further information on all this can be found in our FAQs, so please check them out.

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