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What are Studio Operator accounts for?
What are Studio Operator accounts for?
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We understand that running a studio is not a one-man job. To make life easier, we have added the ability to add operators to help run your studio. This can be done under the Operators tab in your studio dashboard.

The following operator account roles are available:

Administrator: Has full access to the studio dashboard, including all functionality available to the studio owner. Use with caution.

Engineer: Has access to the API tab only, with links to our API documentation and the studio's API key.

Finance: Has access to the Earnings, Payouts, and Broadcasts tab. Can view all of the studio's earnings, add or remove payout methods, initiate payouts, view model payout reports, and view broadcast statistics.

Model Manager: Has access to the Earnings, Models, Live Shows, and Broadcasts tabs. Can view studio and individual model earnings, monitor live shows and view show statistics in real-time, view data on previous broadcasts, add new models or deactivate existing ones, change model payout ratios, etc.

Operator permissions can be changed or revoked at any time by the studio owner and studio administrators. Studio administrators cannot change the role of the studio owner and can have their own administrator permissions revoked by the owner at any time.

All studio operators must be at least 18 years old.

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