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What are the rules for viewers on
What are the rules for viewers on

They're basic guidelines that protect all parties

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At, we strive to create a platform that promotes inclusivity, freedom of expression, and fun for all legal adults 18+.

Terms of Service and policies

When you sign up as a user, model or studio, you agree to abide by's Terms of Service. Additionally, you must follow our other platform policies, including our: DMCA policy, our Non-Consensual Content policy, and our CSAM policy.

We have zero tolerance for abusive and/or illegal behavior on our platform.


When you enter a room, please understand and follow the rules as defined by the individual performers. These rules are often included in the performer's About Me section.

Also, follow the action gift menu for which actions the model would be happy to do during the broadcast. Do not ask for anything else, or the model would be unhappy and they can block you from their page. is a place to create connections and have a good time. Breaking any of these rules will result in being muted, blocked, or kicked out by the performer, the room moderator, and/or our own moderation team.

  • Do not request the performer to do anything via external communication platforms such as Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, or Snapchat. (The model must not request this either and users can report this too)

  • Do not ask for the performer’s personal information, such as real name, phone number, email address, or social media accounts (if not displayed). They may give their real names in a private chat but don't use their name in public chats.

  • Do not ask other viewers in the room for their personal information, or post your own, or anyone else's. Doxing is not tolerated and will result in a ban.

  • Do not ask the performers to do anything illegal or anything that would violate the Terms of Service and platform policies linked above.

  • Do not post any images of, or links to, pornographic sites or other cam sites.

  • Do not post links or promote other chat rooms, or post spam messages with promotions.

  • Do not use any racist, xenophobic, degrading, inflammatory, homophobic, transphobic, or sexist language.

  • Do not spam or flood the chat room with repetitive messages and/or images.

  • Do not engage in arguments or inflammatory discussions with other viewers.

  • Do not create usernames to impersonate the performer, other performers on the platform, or viewers.

  • Do not claim to be a moderator, administrator, or an employee of

  • Do not harass the performers. This could be vulgar or inappropriate language, requests for personal information, personal attacks, or any type of violent language.

ALWAYS be respectful to the performers. They have total control over who gets into their rooms. Make sure you follow the chat room rules as defined by the performer, as well as the platform rules, policies, and terms of service.

We have integrated several room management tools that allow performers to mute, block, or ban unwanted guests. There are also reporting features for viewers and a 24/7 moderation team.

If you have any questions or require clarification, contact the live support team.

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