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What are the rules on
What are the rules on
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To ensure that remains a fun and safe place for everyone, we created a set of rules that all performers should follow. When you sign up to become a model, you agree to abide by our Terms of Service -- which we encourage you to read.

However, we also recognize that it is necessary to provide models with additional updated guidance for streaming. As such, please note and abide by the following rules. Models who do not comply will have their streaming accounts terminated and be banned from the platform.

  • Do not request any type of off-platform payment

  • Do not promote your shows or profile for other platforms or cam sites on

  • Do not promote or discuss other cam sites or adult platforms

  • Do not engage in any off-platform interactions. If you wish to do so, you acknowledge that are doing it at your own risk. The use of the platform to arrange face-to-face meetings for the purpose of engaging in illegal activities is strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban

  • Do not live stream a pre-recorded video or a still image. Performers found infringing on this guideline will have their account suspended and payments put on hold

  • Do not live stream a still object or a room without any activity for a prolonged period of time

  • Do not sleep while on camera

  • Do not portray yourself as hypnotized and unable to consent.

  • Do not appear on camera while intoxicated by alcohol or under the influence of illegal mind-altering substances. Note: this also includes the consumption of marijuana, even if the use is legal in your country or region

  • Do not create a secondary account with your primary one as an affiliate

  • Do not engage in any type of payment fraud

  • Do not engage in romantic or dating fraud or advertise "mail order bride" or escorting services.

  • Do not wear clothes or accessories with visible brand logos during your live streams

  • Do not have any posters, images, or objects of recognizable characters or logos visible in your live streams

  • Do not have any music or song that is not royalty-free playing during your stream any time, at any volume

  • Do not reveal your real name, contact information, location, or other personal details to any individual; report and block individuals who do not respect this rule.

  • Do not portray yourself as being under 18/under the age of majority; no age-play involving pedophilia.

  • Do not tell or lead any individual to believe that you participate in any obscene acts including, but not limited to: animal abuse, bestiality, necrophilia, rape, urination, defecation, blood letting, choking, child sex abuse, or any other violent sex acts. Note: BDSM and Fetish content is allowed on, but it must comply with the aforementioned guidelines and be safe, sane, and completely consensual.

  • Do not appear on cam with anyone who is not registered as a performer on NEVER show family members, friends, children, pets, etc. while you stream.

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