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What is the level system on
What is the level system on

It measures your engagement and determines your privileges

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Updated over a week ago has a level system for viewers (and performers, too).

To see your level, locate the icon next to your username. Users with basic levels (like a 1 or 2) have a gray icon. More experienced users have higher numbers and green or blue icons.

To see your level in detail:

  1. Click the account icon in the top right corner of the page.

  2. Click the View Account Settings link.

On the next page, click the STATUS & LEVEL tab. The page shows your Account Type, current User Level, and a bar chart that tracks your progress towards the next level.

Benefits of a higher level

The higher your level, the more privileges you'll get. These privileges include:

  • being highlighted to performers (which means you're likely to receive more attention from them)

  • unlocking perks of increasing value

  • recognition during events and competitions

  • and more

That's it.

Now you know about the viewer level system on

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