There are three different level types on – one for the models and two for the viewers. The levels will be represented through icons on the left side of the username. Models will have one icon, and viewers will have two.

Streamer Level: For all performers on Each streamer starts at level 1 and can level up by streaming, receiving tips, and hosting private and group shows. The Streamer Level is represented by an icon on the left side of a model’s username.

Contributor Level: Platform-wide level for all viewers. The level will represent the viewer’s progression on the entire platform and is determined entirely by the contribution that the viewer has made to models (through tipping, partaking in private and group shows, etc.). The Contributor Level is represented by the leftmost icon next to the username.

Loyalty Level: This level represents the progression of a viewer in an individual model’s room (how much they have contributed to that model). Users with higher loyalty levels will be your biggest fans. The Loyalty Level is represented by the small, circular icon next to the username.

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