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How do I level up?
How do I level up?
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Viewers on level up by tipping models. For models, there are two ways to level up and stand out from the crowd:

Streaming: High-quality shows and consistent stream times will help you build a loyal fan base. Models will earn a set amount of experience for each hour of stream time.

Earning: The fastest way to level up is through users contributing to your stream. Tips, gifts, private shows, and group shows will all earn you experience to help you level up and climb the leaderboards.

At the top left of your stream window on the broadcast page, a progress bar shows the XP needed to reach the next level. As you stream and receive tips, your XP will grow. Tips or gifts with a higher value will reward you with more XP.

Keep an eye out for viewers with a VIP icon in your room, as the gifts they send come with an extra 10% XP for the model.

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