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What are Daily Rewards?
What are Daily Rewards?

A new way to interact with models

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💡 Introduction

We found another way to say thanks to the verified users on the platform. It's called Daily Rewards. It's a 7+ day game that's 100% free and lets you collect:

  • Golden Cherries (x5)

  • Gem Cases (x3)

  • Party Roses (x3)

  • Emerald Pendant (x3)

  • Neon Butterflies (x3)

  • Love Potions (x3)

  • Private Island (x1)

It works like this:

🙋‍♂️ How do I get Daily Rewards on

As soon as you login, we display a popup window.

Don't close it – this is the beginning of a great adventure!

You start on Day 1. Click the Claim Reward button and you get a prize (5 Golden Cherries). You can use that prize right away to send gifts to your favorite models, or save it for later.

Here's the cool part. If you come back six more days in a row (the clock resets at midnight Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)), you can collect six more prizes. That's the first part of the game:

🙋‍♂️ What happens after 7 days?

Starting on the seventh day and each consecutive day after that, you get 5 Chest Points when you claim your daily reward. After you collect 100 Chest Points, you can open the Ultraviolet Chest! The chest contains eight exclusive items which you can send to a model.

To open the chest and see what's inside:

  1. Click your account icon in the top right corner.

  2. Click the Daily Reward heading. Your game board displays.

Click the chest image.

A new popup shows the special gifts inside the Ultraviolet Chest:

⚖️ Rules

Every game has rules.

  1. You must come back each day and claim your reward by midnight Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) to advance to the next day’s reward. If you miss a reward, your game starts over and you begin at Day 1.

  2. Five (5) Chest Points are awarded on Day 7 and each consecutive day beyond.

  3. To open a chest, the user must collect 100 chest points (20 consecutive days). If the chest is ready to be claimed, the user must click the chest.

👀 Questions & Answers

Is there a time limit?

Yes, if you want to claim new daily rewards and start collecting chest points. Claim time is based on a global timer set at midnight UTC - the clock is not based on your local time. The timer at the bottom of the game board tells you when the next daily reward will be available.

What happens if I miss a day?

Oops, you go back to Day 1 and restart the game.

Where are my daily rewards?

We created a special place for your daily rewards. It's called the User’s Inventory.

  1. Open a live cam stream.

  2. Locate the row of gift icons (e.g. cherry, eggplant, etc.).

  3. Click the icon that looks like a box.

A new row shows your gift types and the quantity (e.g. 5 Golden Cherries). (If you're on a mobile device, the box icon is on the sidebar.)

To send a gift to a model, click a gift icon and then click the Send Item button. You'll send one gift at a time. After sending a model one Golden Cherry, the total number of Golden Cherries in your inventory will go down to four.

That's it! Now you know how Daily Rewards work on

What do I get beyond the 7th day? For example on day 20

You would receive the same reward as you would on Day 7, which means you would be receiving 1 private island and 5 points towards an Ultraviolet Chest ✨

What is the purpose of the Golden Cherry I see in a model's room?

The purpose of the Golden Cherry with the headline FREE GIFTS is to allow visitors who are not yet registered, to create their own account. Clicking this icon will not add new/additional Golden Cherries to your inventory

I've been collecting rewards for months now. Will they eventually expire?

Your rewards will not expire. They're yours forever!

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