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Daily Rewards for Models
Daily Rewards for Models

A new way for users to interact with your stream

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💡 Introduction

Let me tell you about Daily Rewards. This feature allows verified users to thank their favorite models on It's a mini-game that takes users a week (or more!) to complete daily login tasks. When a user completes a task, they can claim a prize, as follows:

  • Day One: Five (5) Golden Cherries

  • Day Two: Three (3) Gem Cases

  • Day Three: Three (3) Party Roses

  • Day Four: Three (3) Emerald Pendant

  • Day Five: Three (3) Neon Butterflies

  • Day Six: Three (3) Love Potions

  • Day Seven: Private Island (x1)

What kind of task? A user must login for several days in row and click a button to claim a reward. The more consecutive days, the more rewards the user collects. The more rewards they collect, the more gifts they can give to models (which translates into money).

🙋‍♂️ How do I receive Daily Rewards?

The Daily Rewards gifts that users collect have different names, but the way you receive a gift doesn't change. Users click a gift icon and send it to their favorite models.

🙋‍♂️ How can I see how much I've earned from Daily Rewards so far?

As a model, the Daily Reward items users send to you have an amount attributed to them and count as gifts, allowing you to earn money. The amount of money a model has earned from can be seen on their dashboard under Inventory Gifts:

Note: at the moment, it is not yet possible to request an item-by-item breakdown, or a filtered overview showing Daily Reward gifts alone. We are working on making this possible in the near future.

You can see the amounts per each gift here: Dollar Values of Daily Rewards

⚖️ Rules

Every game has rules. Here are the rules that verified users must follow to play the mini-game

  1. The user must come back each day and claim the reward by midnight Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) to advance to the next day’s reward. If the user misses a reward, the game starts over and they begin at Day 1.

  2. Five (5) Chest Points are awarded on Day 7 and each consecutive day beyond.

  3. To open a chest, the user must collect 100 Chest Points (20 consecutive days of rewards). If the chest is ready to be claimed, the user must click the chest.

👀 Questions & Answers

Do all Daily Rewards gifts have the same value for models?

No, each gift that a user collects from the Daily Rewards mini-game contains a rarity. The rarer the item, the higher the dollar value it has. Rarities are something we have designed to determine value without further detail

What can users send me beyond the 7th day? For example, on day 14?

The user would receive the same reward as they get on Day 7. That means they would receive 1 private island and 5 Chest Points points towards an Ultraviolet Chest ✨

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