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South American models only

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Summer Showdown Information

From June 17th to September 1st we are running a competition for South American models only.

There will be 3 rounds for models to compete in, with the winning model receiving a brand-new 2024 TOYOTA RAV4 HEV 2.5 XLE 4X4!

That's correct! You will be in with a chance to win a brand-new car!

The first round, from June 17th to July 14th is the Qualifier Round, with models aiming to make at least 5 new user referrals and also gaining at least 5,000 tokens from them all.

Once qualified, models will enter the Playoff Round. This will start on July 19th and end on August 4th. It's now a competition to get the most tokens possible through gifts, actions, custom tip and action roulette and also from private shows, exclusive private shows, group shows, spy shows and CamShare.

At the end of this round, the top 8 models will move onto the Final Round from August 19th to September 1st. This again is a competition to get the most tokens possible. One model will be crowned the winner and will be given keys to her new TOYOTA RAV4!

Even if you don't win, remember you will earn commission of 15% on those newly-referred users' spending, which will further increase your revenue.

How To Refer New Viewers (First Round)

  • Generate your custom referral link though the Referrals Link menu or dashboard (if possible, create a short link)

  • Share your referral link with people who have yet to sign up to

  • Each referred person must create a valid account on

  • Each referred person must spend $50 or more on token packages, deals or bundles before the end of July 14th

How To Earn Tokens (All Rounds)

  • Earn tokens from viewers through gifts, action gifts, custom gifts and action roulette during each round

  • Earn tokens from viewers through private shows, exclusive private shows, group shows, spy shows and CamShare during each round.

Basic Terms and Conditions

  • This event is exclusive to qualified individual and studio models residing in the following South American countries:

    • Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela.

  • The event will run from June 17th to the end of September 1st 2024.

  • Tokens earned during the Qualifier Round, Playoff Round and Final Round will be validated to ensure fairness.

  • Vehicle delivery may take up to 90 days after the event concludes.

  • The vehicle cannot be exchanged for it's cash value.

  • Concurrent events, such as Season 2 - Sakura's Spell, will still run during this event and your tokens for the Summer Showdown will count there too.

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