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How to set up OBS?
How to set up OBS?
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Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) is a free and open-source software for streaming and video recording.

To set up your OBS and start streaming on, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Download OBS Studio

  2. Get your RTMP and OBS Token on

  3. Configure OBS Settings

Download OBS Studio

Get RTMP and OBS Token on

  1. Click on the “Broadcast” icon (camera icon) on the top left side of

  2. In the streaming window, click the button that says 'Get RTMP/Token Info'

How to Configure OBS

Please follow this detailed step-by-step guide to configure your OBS and start streaming on

1. Open your OBS software and click on “SETTINGS”.

Note: You may need to allow OBS to access your microphone and camera. Click OK to grant access.


2. Click on “STREAM” on the left-side menu.

3. Click on “SERVICE” and select “CUSTOM...”.

4. Click on “SERVER” and paste the RTMP URL provided by

5. Click on “STREAM KEY” and paste the OBS token provided by

5b. Click on "OUTPUT" on the left-side menu

5c. We recommend setting your VIDEO BITRATE to 3000 Kbps, and Encoder to Softare (x264)

5d. Click on "VIDEO" on the left-side menu

5e. We recommend setting both your BASE (CANVAS) RESOLUTION and OUTPUT (SCALED) RESOLUTION to either 1920x1080 or 1280x720

6. Click on the “OK” button


7. Click on the “+” button under “SOURCES”




9. Click on the “OK” button


10. Click on the “DEVICE” pull-down menu.


11. Click on “VIDEO SOURCE”.

Note: the names listed here will depend on your hardware and other third-party programs. You will need to allow OBS to access the camera function.


12. After video source selection, a live feed from the source will appear in the main window. The default dimensions (1280x720) will take up this space. If you don’t see a live video here at this point, the video/camera permissions need to be fixed.

13. Click on the “OK” button to confirm the source.


14. Click and hold down the corner of the video feed.

Note: the canvas may appear as 1920x1080. Please resize the video window to take up the entire space of the screen.


Release the corner of the video feed when it’s properly sized to the full window. Models can experiment with multiple video sources, templates, and other features of OBS to create an awesome experience for their fans.


15. Click on “START STREAMING” to start your stream.

Note: make sure your microphone is working properly. At startup, OBS requires permission to access your microphone. If you see the soundbar moving under “AUDIO MIXER”, the mic is set up correctly.


16. To end a stream, simply click on “STOP STREAMING.”

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