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What is the revenue share on
What is the revenue share on

The share depends on two factors

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💡 has a referral program that pays models for bringing new performers and viewers who spend money on the platform. Login to your Model account and Click here to access your referral dashboard

The model's share of revenue depends on the number of tokens you receive in a period, and your model level 📈.

The value of a token (in US dollars) changes with your model level. The higher the level, the higher the per-token value. The value starts at $0.045 per token 💵 and goes up to $0.0575 per token! These rates can go higher if tokens were purchased by viewers that the model brought to the platform.

Although users receive free bonus tokens 🌞 when buying a large package, models get paid out in full for all tokens. This means that models' effective revenue share is actually higher when users buy large token packages, though the payout per token is the same.

The best way to increase your revenue share is to be consistent with your broadcasts and keep leveling up! 💖

Model Payout Table

Token Package

Level 1- 10

Level 11-20

Level 21-40

Level 41-60

Level 61-80

Level 81-99

Earnings per Token







Referred Users







That's it! ✅

Now you know how calculates the model's revenue share.

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