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How do I pause a stream?
How do I pause a stream?
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To pause a stream, click the 'Go Away' button on your broadcast page. Your stream will still be connected, but users will not be able to see or hear anything. They will instead see a message alerting them that you are Away.

Make sure you have set up an away or be right back message, as this will keep your viewers alerted and waiting for your return, rather than losing them.

You can add such an image to your account.

You first click into your account and in the tabs, click IMAGES:

Here, you can upload your Offline/Away Chatroom images.

Add your image or images here (dropping them in or browsing to add them) and make sure there is NO NUDITY in these images, meaning nipples or genitalia are not showing.

Make sure you click to allow to use your images and then click the Confirm & Submit button.

Your image(s) will be sent for verification and then will show on your page when you go offline.

That's it. You now know how to pause a live stream and add an offline image to your account.

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