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Manage Geo Location
Manage Geo Location

Restrict streaming access by area

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You can block users from accessing your live stream based on their country. You can also block access at a more specific regional level. For example, you could prevent viewers in California from accessing your stream but make the stream available to viewers in the other 49 US states. This articles shows you how.

When you block access by country or region, viewers in those areas cannot see or join your stream, search for your profile, or send you private messages.

Opening the panel

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. Click the Broadcast link in the top left corner. model messages

Scroll down the side panel and go to the BROADCAST SETTINGS heading. Click the Geolocation link. model settings

Updating location settings

By country

To block all viewers in one or more countries:

  1. Click the Select Countries button.

  2. Scroll through the list and select one or more countries.

  3. Click Save. manage viewer access to stream

By region

To block viewers in a region instead of a whole country:

  1. Click the Select Regions button.

  2. Make sure the COUNTRIES tab is selected.

  3. Select a country name. block user access

Click the REGIONS tab.

  1. Select one or more regions inside that country.

  2. Click the COUNTRIES tab again and repeat the steps. (optional)

  3. Click Save. block streaming access by country adds the blocked countries and regions to the list in the side panel. block viewers by region and country

That's it.

Now you now how to block viewer access to your live stream with the Geolocation tool.

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